Al-Mukhtar Street in Manial Al-Rawda
School in every village
We aim to provide equal educational opportunities for all the children in Egypt


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Man Ahyaha is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 that works on making education accessible for children in marginalized rural communities in Egypt

Man Ahyaha aims to give children access to high-quality education that combines the most advanced learning philosophies with local culture and heritage to build children’s unique sense of identity and character as well as develop their sense of community and drive to help others.

The inherent knowledge found in each local culture is the key component of Man Ahyaha’s educational philosophy. We help children harness the resources of their local communities to address their most prominent challenges. Man Ahyaha’s schools also act as community hubs providing numerous educational and development services to the local community.

Community Schools
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Community Schools

Our community schools serve local communities through applying global pedagogical methods contextualized to local culture and nature.

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We care for the children’ health as we care for their education, help us now to provide them with healthy meals by buying our school meals ticket.

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Help a child to go back to school by buying back to school ticket.

Building New School & New Classes

Help us to achieve our dream to build school in each village, to provide equal educational opportunities for every child in Egypt.

Training Tickets

Education starts with the teacher. Now you can help us to provide better and more trainings to our teachers so they can provide better education to our students by buying the trainings ticket.