Al-Mukhtar Street in Manial Al-Rawda

Adults Academy

As Man Ahyaha believes in the support of the whole community and that education is the main entrance to community development. Man Ahyaha’s adults academy works with three community segments: parents, youth above 14 years old and other community leaders. 

Man Ahyaha’s current intervention focuses on offering adult literacy programs to adults between 16 and 60 years of age from three villages in Al Ayat (Behbit, El Baharwa and Matanya)

The program is based on the “Reflect” methodology, which is used worldwide for adult education.  This methodology depends on an expanding range of techniques that help learners express themselves without depending on reading and writing. They can draw graphs, reflect on nature and use stories and songs to analyze and discuss social and cultural issues. This is because progression in reading, writing and other communication skills is connected to a great extent to the participation of the learners in different social and developmental activities. 

Our main goals are:

  • Train educated youth on the Reflect methodology to develop competent youth who can
    help find different ways of intervention and social change.
  • End the illiteracy of 3 villages. 
  • Create a safe educational space where participants can share opinions about their
    community and revisit their unhealthy habits.