Al-Mukhtar Street in Manial Al-Rawda

Educators Academy

Teachers are at the center of any learning process. We hire our teachers exclusively from the communities we operate in and put them on a long learning journey to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a top-notch educational experience to our students. 

The Educators Academy program exists to empower educators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to deliver high quality education, boost their careers and reclaim control over their learning and personal growth.

The academy not only serves Man Ahyaha’s teachers, but also educators from numerous educational institutions to support them in gaining the needed knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote their student’s learning.

Man Ahyaha offers five main learning themes each delivered in multiple formats and durations to meet the needs and different learning styles of teachers.


Social-emotional Wellness for Educators

This program is designed specifically for teachers to take them on a journey of identifying and understanding their thoughts, feelings and stressors as well as equipping them with the tools for self-development and management to move towards their social and psychological wellbeing. The program includes three levels, basic, intermediate, and advanced and is delivered over three years.

To inquire about Man Ahyaha’s training programs as an individual teacher or educational institute.